Plex Media Server (beta) for Readynas / PS3

Some time ago i helped a friend install Serviio on his Readynas Ultra 2, but it was not running quite as well, as i had hoped…

So i was quite happy when i read this post from the Plex team.

It was now possible for the Plex Media Server to transcode .mkv directly to a PS3.

The installation was a bit tricky, so i thought that a small guide for the internet would be welcome.

  1. Download the Readynas .bin file from here, direct link here
  2. Upload the .bin to your Readynas via the web interface.
  3. Edit the user profile by copying this template

The Readynas i was working on would not save the profile, so i had to use putty/ssh and edit the profile file using nano:

nano /c/.plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/dlnaclientprofile.xml

Save, and reboot the Nas.

You should now be able to stream media to your PS3/Xbox 360 after configuring Plex Media Server.

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