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final SS2 review, what worked? What did not? part 2


*I found that uninstalling the software in ubuntu, could case some problems…*

– when uninstalling, even when using purge, some configuration files was kept, with some information about the former domain.

The deployment manager could use some work, it would be smart if all functionality of the centrify software was available from the manager. Even if this would make it a bit more technical to use.

When installed; The software worked perfect, and i had no problems logging in on OSX machines/Ubuntu/Arch and Redhat.

Installing into a working enviroment is easy, and pretty painless. The only thing that takes time, is leaning how to use all of the installed options that the software gives.

I have installed Centrify in my place of work, in an enviroment of; Eight Mac’s, and two Ubuntu servers.

In the last 20 days, the software has not crashed, and is working as expected.

So all in all, i can highly recommend Centrify AD Suite. Even if it has some quirks.



final SS2 review, what worked? What did not?

So after finishing my project on using Centrify AD software in an Multi-OS environment, there where a couple of things that i found smart using the Centrify solution, and some drawbacks…

To fully use the software, all UNIX based machines needs to have ssh enabled. The control software cannot be pushed out from the AD machine, if ssh is disabled.

If there is a local user on the machine, identically named as one in the AD. You can only login as the local user.

The white papers published by Centrify can be a bit lacking in information regarding best practice for installing on the main AD.

The program suits are very varied, and it can take some time finding the correct program to install.

Their free express software works very good, but is lacking in what functionality is enabled.

I found that uninstalling the software in ubuntu, could case some problems.

SS2 School blog entry

After having brainstormed a little, i decided that my project with multiple OS systems should be set up in the cloud ( ) Because with the new OSX 10.8, virtualization is much easier, and it does not crash all the time.