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Plex Media Server (beta) for Readynas / PS3

Some time ago i helped a friend install Serviio on his Readynas Ultra 2, but it was not running quite as well, as i had hoped…

So i was quite happy when i read this post from the Plex team.

It was now possible for the Plex Media Server to transcode .mkv directly to a PS3.

The installation was a bit tricky, so i thought that a small guide for the internet would be welcome.

  1. Download the Readynas .bin file from here, direct link here
  2. Upload the .bin to your Readynas via the web interface.
  3. Edit the user profile by copying this template

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Slow usb transfer in Ubuntu / Linux mint

Transfer speeds ranging between 2.0 – 4.0 mb/sec on usb 2.0 *sigh*

How to fix this you ask?

After some google searching i found this bug report, low and behold the fix to my problem was to modify the following file:


  • /etc/initramfs-tools/modules



insert these two commands in the bottom of the file:


  • ohci_hcd
  • ehci_hcd



Voila, tranfer speed ranging between 20.0 – 30.0 mb/sec! Life is good, sehr good.

Nvidia tearing in Ubuntu 11.04 & Linux Mint 11

I hate tearing, i really hate tearing… and Compiz…

The only way to eliminate tearing on my Dell XPS with a 8400m graphics chip is to run the following as a Startup Application:

  • bash -c 'compiz --replace'

To test if the compiz –replace command works, press ALT-F2 and write: compiz --replace

Vista fonts for Ubuntu

You all know the feeling…

Why do i have do hand-in an assignment in Calibri?

Comic sans is the killer font, and forcing me to use Calibri kills a bit of my soul everytime…

So finding this guide/script made my day!

Do the following:

  1. (In a terminal) sudo apt-get install cabextract
  2. Then write this in a file,name it vista-fonts-installer.sh, put it in your home folder.
  3. (in a terminal) chmod a+x ~/vista-fonts-installer.sh
  4. Then run the file ~/vista-fonts-installer.sh

Thanks to Carthik & Aristotle Pagaltzis for the post & script.